Chapter 79 Genie in a Bottle

Callie’s POV

It’s been months since I had Cassandra and months since I found out Ted had been cheating on me.  Apparently, he didn’t think I was exciting enough for him.  He didn’t feel chemistry when we were together. I won’t lie and say there were fireworks every time, but it was nice and I thought he was reliable.  Since having Cassandra, I’ve been so weak. I’m not sure why, but I had a terribly hard pregnancy and delivery. I’m pretty sure that I almost died, but thankfully I did not.  Cassie has been a blessing though, she gives me strength to continue on. I really don’t want to be alone the rest of my life, but I won’t wish for a man out of the Well.  I just don’t feel like that’s right.

Every day, I take a walk and make it a little farther than the day before, but I’m exhausted at the end of it and need to rest for several hours.  Thank goodness for my dad and Misty, they help with Cassie, so I can recuperate.  It’s hard to see Ted and his whore, excuse me, his wife Dreama.  They got married shortly after their relationship was exposed, and here I am alone.  Well, no I’m not alone, I have my wonderful baby.  I wouldn’t trade her for anything, especially a cheating, no good husband.  It’s safe to say I’m a  little bitter, but it’s getting better.

One afternoon on my walk, I see something shimmering in the sunlight hidden behind a bush. I walk closer to investigate and it’s a beautiful bottle, it looks like one you would keep oil in. I collect it and examine it on the way home.

Once I get home, I’m once again so tired, I immediately retire to my room to nap.  When I wake up, Misty is there bringing Cassie back for the evening.  She mentions the lamp and how unique it is.  I had forgotten all about it. I lay Cassie in the crib and decide to clean it up. As I’m scrubbing some of the dirt off the side, it starts to shake and smoke rolls from the mouth of the bottle. I drop it on the floor and stand back to look at it. The smoke took the shape of a man, a blue man to be exact.  “Hello, Master. My name is Alonzo, you have found my Genie Bottle and therefore you are granted 3 wishes.”, the blue man said.

I’m too stunned to speak, I just look at him in amazement. Finally, I get the nerve to speak, “Are you serious?  Am I dreaming?” He responds, “No, Master. You are not dreaming, I am really here. You may touch me if you wish.” I walk closer to him and touch his arm, he feels as real as I do, I run my hand up his arm. He shivers slightly.  “Sorry, Master but it has been several hundred years since I’ve felt the touch of another being, let alone one as beautiful as you.” I blush slightly, “So, I get 3 wishes, Huh?”, I ask.  “Yes, you may have 3 wishes.  Practically anything you desire can be yours.”, he explains. I think on it for a minute, “Do I have to wish them all now? Can I think on it?”, I ask unsure what the protocol would be.

“Yes, Master. You may take as long as you like. As soon as you make the 3rd wish, I will go back in the bottle and disappear forever.”, he explains. “OK, I want to think about this for a while first. I don’t want to waste my wishes on something silly.  Can I ask you if there are any rules to the wishes?”, I ask. “There are some rules, you may only wish things for yourself.  The wishes will not affect anyone else directly.  Many wish for money, love, happiness, some prefer to be beautiful. If you are not ready for a wish, I can retire to my bottle.”, he says properly. “Oh, must you go?  You could stay out of the bottle if you want to, couldn’t you?”, I ask. “Yes, Master. Anytime you are ready to be rid of me simply tell me to go.”, he says.

Alonzo stays out of his bottle and we talk and he tells me stories of other people who have found his bottle. he has been “Lost” on this island for hundreds of years though and no one had found him until I did. He was most grateful to be released at last. He says it isn’t uncomfortable in the bottle, just boring.  I start to get hungry, so I make a big salad, “Do you eat food?”,I feel silly asking that, but I’ve never met a Genie before. “Yes, I can eat food. When I’m out of my bottle, all human needs apply”, he says.  We eat the salad and then continue our conversation, making our way back to the couch.  Cassie wakes up, and lets me know she also needs to eat.  I bring her out and Alonzo is curious. “I’ve not seen a human baby in so long, she’s beautiful.”, he says.  I hold Cassie out for him, “You can hold her if you want.”, I say.  He takes the baby and rocks her gently. “Where is the father?”, he asks. Pain flashes across my face, “I am so sorry. You do not have to answer that question. Forgive me.”, he says quickly. “No, it’s fine.  We just aren’t together anymore.”, I say and proceed to tell him the entire story.

We talk for a while longer and then I get up to clean the kitchen up. “Allow me.”, he says with a smile. He claps his hands together and magically the room is spotless and the dirty dishes are gone.  “You have got to show me how to do that!”, I exclaim.  I yawn and tell him that I’m going to go to bed, now that Cassie is asleep.  He retires to his bottle and I go to sleep. I lay in bed thinking of this strange, wonderful blue man.

The next morning, I figure that I dreamed the whole evening before. I walk into the living room with Cassie and see the bottle laying there.  I suddenly know what my first wish will be. I lay Cassie down and rub the lamp.  Alonzo pops out and says, “Good morning, Master. Have you decided on a wish.”  “Yes, I have, but first you must stop calling me Master. I’m no one’s master, My name is Callie.”, I tell him.  “Agreed, Callie. Have you made your mind up? What will your first wish be?”, he asks.  “I wish to be completely healed and well again.”, I say confidently.  I’m tired of being weak and tired all the time.  “Your wish is my command, Master, er… Callie!”, he exclaims. He claps his hands together and blue smoke rolls around the room and over my body.  A bright light starts to radiate from my body and I can feel myself being lifted into the air.

Suddenly, I feel complete again. I haven’t felt this good in years. I feel like a kid again. I jump up and down and clap my hands. I hug Alonzo excitedly, he seems surprised but hugs me back and smiles. I’m not sure what my next wish will be but, I invite Alonzo to stay and hang out with me.

Days go by and I still can’t decide on what else to wish for. Money and power have no value here.  I can’t wish for everyone to be rescued.  Now that I’m well again, I feel like I have  everything I need. Cassie is doing better and I’m healthy.  Alonzo gives me examples again, of what other people have wished for, like love, money, happiness, long life and a big family.  I tell him I need to think about it.  He tells me not to rush, he is no hurry to leave.  He has begun to like it here on the island. he has met my family and they love him.  Finally, one day I decide that I’d like a big family, which will be hard to grant considering I’m alone here on this island with no chance for a new mate.  He looks at me and says “There is one way for you to have a large family and have a new mate at the same time.”. “How? I’ll do anything. I want to have more children. I want a family.”, I plead.

“Wish for a large family and then with your 3rd wish, set me free. Then I’ll be free to be your mate. If you will have me, that is.  I’ll lose some of my genie powers and become an almost normal human.”, he says shyly.  I look at him with wonder, “You would give up being a Genie to stay here with me?”, I ask. “Yes, It is a great honor to be a genie. I’ve never wanted to lose my powers until now.  I’ve fallen in love with you and would give you a thousand wishes if I could, I would gladly leave my life as a Genie behind to stay with you.”, he says.

He places his hands on my face, “I’m not sure if you feel the same way though, Callie. Do you want me as much as I want you?  You have a choice, this time.”, he says. “Yes, Alonzo. I do love you, I do choose you! I wish to have a large family.”, I say. Alonzo  claps his hands together and smoke swirls around my lower abdomen.  “The next time you conceive you will have triplets.”, he says.  “Wow! that is a large family! My final wish is for you to be Free!”, I say.  Alonzo claps his hands together and disappears into the lamp. My heart sink, I think it didn’t work, until I hear a far away voice giving me instructions. “Freeze the lamp”, it says.  So, I take the lamp and put it in the freezer, I wait by the refrigerator for a while then finally have to check on Cassie.

Suddenly, I hear the voice again, “Heat the lamp”, it says. I put the lamp in the oven and turn it all the way up on high.

A short time later, the voice appears again, “Bury the lamp in the Mausoleum in the graveyard”, I call Misty and have her watch Cassie. I take the lamp and run all the way to the graveyard.  We have not had to bury anyone here yet, but others from years past are here. I’ve never liked this place, but I do as I’m told and go into the depths of the mausoleum.

I emerge from the darkness, I had a hard time in the tomb, I come out looking filthy.The lamp begins to shake and shiver. I lay it on the ground and smoke pours out of it one last time. The smoke takes on the form of a man. It’s Alonzo. “Hello, my love! You are not my Master anymore, but my one true love.”, he takes me in his arms and kisses me gently.

We decide to not waste anytime and decide to start our family now. We hurry home and he takes me in his arms.

My 2nd wish was for a large family, I’m feeling so good now that I’m sure we can handle the 3 babies I’ll have.  At first, I’m hesitant because of the hard time I had with Cassie, but Alonzo assures me this time will be different. I lead Alonzo into my bedroom and way lay together nervously.  He leans toward me and kisses me gently.

It doesn’t take long to conceive  I get the tale-tell signs just a month later.  Alonzo is very excited.  The months pass quickly, I fall in more in love with Alonzo each day. Cassie is getting so big and she is finally healthy. She was such a sick little baby at first, that I worried she would have a normal life. I sometimes wonder if  Alonzo healed her like he healed me. He denies this, but her miraculous healing has to be from him.  We celebrate her birthday and she grows into a beautiful toddler. She has quickly caught up to where she should be at this age. She is learning to walk and talking up a storm.

I felt great the entire pregnancy and surprisingly the delivery was easy too.

I couldn’t believe my luck when all 3 babies were born healthy.  Jennifer, Jaxon, and Jewell.  Cassie is a good big sister and always tries to help with the babies.  Life couldn’t get much better than this.

Bonus pics of the whole family (fast forwarded a little) I had to share, they are all too cute!

#1 The triplets

#2 The whole Family


4 thoughts on “Chapter 79 Genie in a Bottle

  1. They are a beautiful family with adorable children. I love the expression on the little boy and the little blue girl’s faces. Priceless. Yes what her first husband did was wrong, but I’m happy that all things worked out for the both of them. Maybe sometime down the road she can find it in her heart to forgive her first husband, at least to the point he can at least be able to get to know his daughter.

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