Chapter 80 Teddy and Dreama

Teddy’s POV

I walk back to my hut after having it out with Callie, yet again. I need to see my daughter and Callie still refuses.  Callie has finally found happiness, in the strangest way too. I’m happy for her, maybe one day she will speak to me again and hopefully I’ll get to see my daughter again.  I don’t blame her for hating me, but hopefully she will understand eventually and we can move on. I walk into  our bedroom, pulling my clothes off angrily and Dreama is waiting for me.  “What’s wrong, my love?”, she asks softly.  “Just an argument with Callie again, she refuses to let me see daughter.”, I explain. Dreama walks over to me and leans into me seductively. She presses her chest against mine and frames my face with her hands, she pulls me slowly into a kiss.

I put my hands on her hips and pull her closer.  I deepen the kiss and forget all about Callie. I lift her up and she wraps her legs around my waist.  I think to myself, what has this woman done to me?

We spend all night and most of the next day in bed. It’s like she can’t get enough and I’m under some type of spell.  I can’t think about anything other than Dreama.  I start to get up from the bed and she pulls me back down.  I really need to straighten things out with Callie, I need to talk to her about our daughter.  Dreama pushes everything that is important to me to the background and only lets me focus on her.

Finally Dreama falls asleep, I quietly leave the bed and tiptoe to the door. I know if she wakes up,  I won’t be able to leave. I need to talk to someone. The only one that may understand is Isaac and I can hardly discuss my problem with the father of my ex. I decide to work off some tension and walk to the pull up bar that Ross made before he moved.  I pull myself up over and over, I can feel my muscles screaming in protest. I’ve gotten soft since Dreama’s been here.  I work out until I  finally give in to my fatigue. I walk to the bath and rinse the sweat from my body. As I’m walking into the living area, I see Dreama run past.  She quickly closes the door to the bathroom and I can hear her vomiting.  I knock on the door, “Dreama, are you alright?”. I hear the water running and she opens the door. “Sorry, I feel so queasy.  I don’t know what’s wrong with me.”, she says.  “You’re pregnant, Dreama. We should have realized this would happen.”, I explain.  “Pregnant? But I don’t want children. It’s just supposed to be you and me, a child will ruin everything.”, she pouts.  “A child won’t ruin anything, it will make it better.”, I say.

Dreama walked away and refused to talk any more about the baby. I got the feeling she was hoping I was wrong, I could tell that she really didn’t want a baby.  I’m sure once it gets here things will be fine. I don’t know of any woman who can resist their own child.  As time moved on, I tried several times to bring up the topic of the baby. She would just either ignore my question or distract me with her body.

The bigger she got the more she refused to talk about it.  I made the preparations for the baby myself.  I added on to our small cabin and joined the two rooms to make a large spacious cabin.  I didn’t want to keep living in such spartan quarters.  Ross helped me with building the kitchen appliance and moving the bathroom into the main cabin.

Dreama has tried to act like the pregnancy doesn’t exist, that the baby doesn’t exist. “Dreama, you can’t ignore the fact that you are having a baby, my baby, any longer.”  I place my hands on her stomach and smile up at her, she just stares at me without any emotion. She tolerates me rubbing her belly, but just barely. Any mention of the baby and she shuts down.

“Teddy! Help me something’s wrong.”, I hear Dreama cry out one night. I jump up and see her sitting on the edge of the bed holding her stomach.  “What’s wrong? Is the baby coming?”, I ask. “Baby, forget the stupid baby. It’s me, I’m hurting. Oww, I’m in such pain.”, she cries. I help her stand up, “It’s the baby. It’s coming. You’re in labor.  You need to push, Dreama.”, I say to her calmly.

Instinct takes over and she pushes me aside and grabs her belly, she pushes several times and the baby slides out. I grab a blanket for her to wrap the baby in, she wraps him up and holds him up.

“This is the thing that has caused so much pain? This little thing caused me to get so fat? Here, take it. I’m tired.”, she says. I take my son and look at him with wonder. “I love you little guy.”, I say quietly to him.  Dreama takes a quick shower and lays back down, not even looking at the baby again.

Thomas finally falls asleep, so I lay him in the crib.  I walk back into our bedroom and look at Dreama sleeping peacefully.  I lay down to get a few hours rest.  I can’t get over how she just passed him off to me without even really looking at him. I mean, even Callie who was near death made more of an effort to hold our child.  I wonder how I’m going to deal with Dreama, surely in the morning she will be more excited about Thomas. I just need to give her more time.

The next morning, Dreama is up and making breakfast in the kitchen. I hear Thomas crying and then see him laying on the floor.

“Dreama!  Don’t you hear the baby crying?  Why aren’t you taking care of him?”, I ask angrily. “Oh, right.  I didn’t know what it wanted.  I picked him up but he wouldn’t stop crying. I knew you would be up soon.”, she says innocently.

I rush to scoop him up. I quickly change his diaper and warm up a bottle.  He gulps the milk down, like a starving man.   I place him against my shoulder and pat his back, he burps loudly.  I snuggle him against my chest and walk into the other room. Dreama is sitting at the table eating her breakfast. “He was starving and needed a diaper change. You have to learn to take care of him. He’s your child!”, I exclaim.

“No, Teddy. He’s your child. I never wanted a baby. I told you that.”, she says. “After it was too late!  You were already pregnant!  What was I supposed to do?  How can you not look at this baby and not love him?”, I yell at her.  I thrust the bundle into her arms, she holds him awkwardly.   Thomas immediately begins to fuss. “Take it back, I don’t know what to do with it.”, she whines.

I take the baby and hug him tight. I look at her with disregard, “I can’t believe you won’t accept your own child. I don’t know what to do.”, I say sadly.  I lay Thomas in the crib and kiss his little check. He quickly falls asleep, he wore himself crying for hours probably.  Dreama walks over and rubs my arm.  She tries to pull me close and kiss me.  I resist and pull away from here. “You have got to be kidding me!  Don’t touch me, if you reject our child, you reject me.”, I yell at her.

“Please Teddy, I love you. Can’t you see that? I just want us to be together.”, she pleads.  I simply turn around and walk out the door.

I head to the garden to get rid of some built of anger, I pull at the weeds and throw them on the ground. She just needs more time, I think to myself. Surely, she will come around.


4 thoughts on “Chapter 80 Teddy and Dreama

  1. He better get rid of her before she does something evil to his baby, and I know she will. The more I read this story, the more I’m thinking she is something very wicked.

  2. Hm. The more I read about Dreama, the more I think Ted is very wrong about her… he thinks she is a woman, but I am not so sure about this. She may LOOK like a human woman, but still… ah, we´ll see, right ^^

  3. Ooooh it’s getting tense between those two. Poor little Thomas being rejected by his mother. Dreama’s an odd one, I hope Teddy sees her for what she really is soon, before she does something terrible! great chapter.

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