Chapter 82: Curiosity

Merri’s POV

Life on the Island is interesting, especially when you have 5 kids. Maggie, Jay, Leigha, Alora, and Harrison. Many years have passed and we have made a wonderful life here on the island. I still long for my family, especially my Mother. We’ve always had such a strong bond, I hate to think of her grieving for me. I want her to meet her grandchildren and my husband. I know she would be so proud of what we’ve been able to do here.

We have had several close calls with rescues, though none have come close enough. Occasionally, we will hear an airplane fly over, but they never seem to see out bonfire. We don’t have any rescue flairs left, so we are stuck with the fire. It doesn’t burn bright enough in the daytime to make it noticeable.  I have a feeling its my family that is still searching. I’m sure any public rescue has been called off long ago.  If I know my Mother and Father though, they will not rest until we are found. I find comfort in that.

I help Misty with the school. We built a small school once all the babies started getting old enough.  Right now we have 4 students, my 2 oldest, Maggie and Jay, then Ariel and Chris’ oldest, Christina and then Cassie, the only child of Teddy and Callie.  Soon, Ariel’s son, Christian will start school, but he is only 3 right now.  We have started them around 4 years old and they seem to do well.

We, of course are teaching the children to read, math and Simlish. We also have lessons in painting and music.  We do the best we can with the supplies we have.  In the school-house, we also have a small area for the toddlers to stay.

Teddy’s POV

Since Dreama has been gone, Callie and I have come to an agreement about Cassie. Cassie spends 2 or 3 nights a week with me and Thomas, really there is no set schedule though. She can come and go as she likes.  It has worked out really well.  It’s still hard to believe everything that has happened and I still miss Dreama a lot. Well, I miss the person I thought she was anyway.

I keep busy with the baby, gardening, and helping out in the General store.  Being a single parent is not an easy job, but I am loving every minute of it. Cassie and I are becoming really close, at first she had a hard time understanding everything, but after the first few rough days she accepts me and realizes I’m not trying to take her away from her mom or Alonzo. Alonzo has always treated her like his own daughter and I don’t want to take anything away from their bond with each other. I’m grateful that he has always treated her so well, even though I wasn’t there she never lacked having a father figure. Now, she is lucky enough to have 2 fathers that love her.

Usually Cassie will come over after she gets finished with school and I’ll fix some dinner while she works on her homework.

We will eat our dinner together and then I’ll help her with any homework she had trouble with. She’s a smart little student though and only occasionally needs help. I enjoy spending time with her though.

When homework is finished, Cassie goes out to play with the other island kids.  There are 4 that are old enough to go out and play together, they are inseparable.

Maggie’s POV

“Come on guys! Keep up with me!”, I yell as I run down the path.  Today we are exploring and I’m the captain. Jay, Christina, and Cassie all run behind me.  I know where the best places are to explore cause I’m the oldest.  I run to the old ruins, close to the graveyard.  “Hey, we aren’t supposed to go here.”, Cassie calls out to me.  “Shut up, Cassie. Don’t be a baby!”, I yell back at her. Cassie is the youngest and never wants to do anything fun. “Mom says it’s dangerous here.”, Cassie says quietly back. “If you don’t stop whining, we won’t let you hang out with us big kids. Now come on!”, I say.  Cassie wants to play with us so she stops fussing and runs after us.  I stop at the front of the crumbled down door, “Ok, Jay you go in first.”, I command.  “Me? Why, Me?”, Jay asks.  “You’re the boy, boys have to protect us girls.”, I say. Jay likes to feel strong so he agrees, “Oh, Ok. Come on everyone.”

As Jay leads the way, we slowly creep down the stairs into the basement of the tomb.  A rat runs in front of us and Christina screams, which makes us all jump. “Stop screaming! You’re scaring Cassie. We need to find out where this tunnel goes.  Maybe it’s a way off the island!”, I say.  It’s gets darker and creepier the farther in we go.

We come to the end of the tunnel, the rest is buried in broken rocks and looks like it has caved in. We start to turn around and go back when I see something off to the right. “A secret door!”, I exclaim.

“I’m not going in there!”, Cassie says.  ‘Move outta the way, baby.”, I say as I bravely walk into the dark room.  The room glows with an eery pale light, we can see better but it isn’t as bright as the hall we just left.  We see a tall box against the wall.  It ‘s made completely of stone and it has a carving on the front like a mummy or something,  I’m not sure what it’s called.

I look back at the others and they are all scared and ready to run, I try to hide my fear and slowly reach out to touch the box. It feels cold, much colder than the room itself.  I almost take off running, but I’m the oldest, so I need to be brave. I grab onto the edge and pull with all my strength. It doesn’t  budge, so I pull harder and slowly the door starts to open.  The others start backing up, as I turn around.  “Look, it’s empty… “, I start to say as I suddenly see something move deep within the box.

I feel a rush of cold air as something starts moving toward me, “Run!!”, I scream as I turn around.  Everyone takes off and we don’t look back.

We don’t stop running until we get back to the entrance of the tomb.  Cassie is crying, Christina and Jay are hugging each other.  “What was that?”, Christina asks.  “I don’t know, but we can’t go back in there ever  again.”, I say. “We should tell somebody what we seen in there”, Jay says quietly.  “NO! Do you want to get in trouble?? It was probably nothing. The grownups would kill us if they knew we went down there. You all must promise to never tell anyone.”, I try to convince them. They all look at each other and then agree.

We walk slowly back to the park where we were supposed to be playing in the first place.  Jay and Christina sit in the sand box and quietly sift through the sand.

Cassie climbs up in the tree house and I sit on the swing, we are all too shaken up to play but we know better than to go home early.

Eventually the sun starts to sink in the sky and we know it’s time to go home. “Remember, don’t say anything to anyone.” I say before we go to our own homes. I take Jay by the hand and we walk in the house. We quickly eat dinner mom has prepared and go to bed.

With school and lessons, weeks go by slowly.  Everyone seems to be getting back to normal, I still can’t forget what I seen. I was closer to the box than the others and was able to get a good look at the thing in there.   I have nightmares almost every night, mom rushes in and hugs me close. She kisses me on the forehead and says, “It’s ok, Maggie.  It was just a dream. Mommy’s here and you are safe.”  I nod my head but only I know what I really seen in the box, a man. A horrible, dead man. I know he is coming for me.


2 thoughts on “Chapter 82: Curiosity

    • Thanks for reading!! I have the next few chapters outlined so keep watching for the next update. I just can’t leave this family alone, they are my all time favorite.

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