Chapter 83: Alive?! Sorta…

The door slowly opens and I feel warm air for the first time in years.  I see a wedge of light from the crack in the opening, small hands are on the door struggling to pull the door open further.  It takes a moment for me to realize this is finally my chance for release. I push the door open further and see the small hands disappear.

I put my hands out in front of my face and slowly take a step toward the light.  “Ohhh”, the pain from being in this dead body for so long spreads through my body. Although, it’s not quite my body, this body is sluggish and heavy.  I take another small step and my hands push themselves into the light and out of the sarcophagus. I feel like I’ve been wandering for eternity in the darkness.

I hear screams and little feet running from the room.  My concern is not with stupid children, but of freeing myself from this hell.  The dim light hurts my eyes, but quickly adjust. I see now the light is not very bright at all.  I’m surprised I’m able to think and understand in this body, but everything that happened came rushing back.

Rob throwing the vial at me with this zombification curse in it and sealing me in a sarcophagus.  I never thought I’d be free, some kids must have found the tomb and let their curiosity get the best of them.  I slowly turn my head and look around, the room looks quite different from I remember. Maybe it has been longer than I thought.  I drag my body toward the opening in the room and see a long hallway, much different from the hallway I expected to see.  I’m in another tomb, I’m not sure how that happened. I’m able to recall small bits of time, wandering around in a long dark hallway, doors locked on all sides until I seen the slice of light  from this opening. I remember rushing, as fast as I was able, toward the light. This body moves slowly, but I try to remember the direction the children’s screams lead and I follow it. It takes a long time to make it down the long hallway, I wander around for what feels like hours.

Finally, I reach some stairs. This must lead to the outside. It takes some concentration to be able to manuever my way up the steps. I can feel warm air blowing in from the entrance. The children are long gone, but it’s just turning dusk so I have all night to explore.

I find myself in a graveyard, but much different from the graveyard in Lucky Palms.  This has a more tropical, lush look to it, whereas LP is dry and sandy. I see only a few gravestones scattered here and there, I follow the path and wonder how long this curse lasts or if there is a cure for it.   The path leads to a dirt road, not knowing which way to go I just choose the path of least resistance and follow it down the hill.  This place is deserted, no cars or people around.  I finally see a light in the distance and make my way towards it.  There are trees and tall grass everywhere. I make it to the light and see that there are a few houses grouped together and a small park.  This must be where the children live and play.  I walk toward the closest house and peer in the window.

There is a woman sitting in a rocking chair with a baby in her lap and a couple of kids sitting at her feet, she looks strangely familiar although I can’t remember how I know her.  I quickly, well as quick as I can, duck behind some tall grass and try to think about what to do.  It’s hard to think as a zombie, but I know enough to not let anyone see me.   I wander on down the road, trying to gauge the time. I suspect the sun would not be good for me, so I’ll need to plan on being back in the tomb before day break.

I see another park with a spring and some type of well. I bend close to the well and cup my hands to drink from the well.  I have an unending thirst, the water makes me feel a little better though.  After drinking some of the water, I’m able to think a little more clearly and I’m able to move a little faster.  I take another large drink before heading back to the tomb.

I make it down the stairs, just as the sun rises.  I explore some more of the tomb, but find nothing of use. It’s clear that this place was abandoned a long time ago. I wonder what it was used for though?

The next night and several nights after I wander around and have discovered that I’m on an island.  There are only 5-6 houses and only a few other buildings here.  I’m not sure how I got here, let alone the others. It seems like I’ve stepped back in time because there are no cars or electricity at all.  Somehow, we have all ended up on a deserted island. I just need to figure out a way to get back to Lucky Palms and back to my family.  I’m sure my brother has missed me after all this time. He will be so surprised to see me again. The big problem is figuring out who these people are, why they look familiar to me and how to get back.


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